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Module 4: Practice Activity

I am having difficulties figuring out what to do with these practice activities.

They say:

  1. Sign in to your UCF Mapper account. -- I know how to do this
  2. Select any of the Citation Mapping Map Citations project types. - I don't even know what this means, so I don't know how to do it. I tried clicking on projects and training, and selected one of those
  3. Click the Map the Citation tasks. - When I did the steps I mention in #2, I see no tasks. This means this step and the following ones I cannot perform. I do not feel the training prepared me for this.  Can someone provide help?
  4. After you have mapped the Citations, be sure to select any of the Citation Mapping Citation Hierarchy project types. 
  5. Click the Create Citation Hierarchy Task to complete the remaining practice activity for this module. 
  6. Complete two Map Citations projects and two Citation Hierarchy projects with an 80% or above passing rate. 
Larry Virden

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Hi Larry,

Thanks for the feedback. We will look into ways to ways we can update our training project naming conventions to minimize confusion.
As it currently stands practice activities are categories by Module number within the Training Page.

As for the blank projects, sometimes the tasks can take a little bit to load. When this happens, refreshing your browser after a few seconds will typically solve the issue. Every once in a while tasks may take a bit longer to load into the project.

We are currently investigating ways we can eliminate this load time.

Vicki McEwen

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I am having the same issue. Larry and I work for the same company. It is very frustrating.

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