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Module 3 Building a Catalog of Authority Documents - Part 2, Try it Now: Finding an Issuer (

Within this exercise, I was taken to the appropriate site. I found the "About Us" page. 

I read that the "PCI Security Standards Council" appears to be the "owner" of the site.

But I specifically recall being told in the narration earlier that acronyms cannot be  used.

So I look and see that mention of "Payment Card Industry" ... which I presume is the full title of PCI.

So, when I return to the page, I select

Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council

as the answer. Which is correct. But I am counted incorrect and only when I use

PCI Security Standards Council

do I get the answer correct.

Once again, the narration of the course seems to be different than the programming for the "right" answer.

Larry Virden

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Hi Larry,

This is a tricky answer. While we refrain from using acronyms in most general terms, when it comes to names of Organizations and such, we defer to how the organization refers to itself.
In this particular case, the organization refers to themselves as PCI Security Standards Council

We will look into how we can mitigate confusion on acronym handling in the future.



Vicki McEwen

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