Module 3 Building a Catalog of Authority Documents - Part 2, Try it Now: Is There an Authority Document: Spreadsheet

I am confused about this activity. The simulated page opened a new tab to the web page . There is NOTHING on this page that discusses downloading a document. It says "ARTIFACT REQUEST" without indicating what kind of document it is. There is no spreadsheet to look at, just by looking at the page. Nothing in the exercise instructed me to fill out the form and submit it before answering the questions. 


Only after filling in information that I am uncertain that I want them to have, do I get a button talking about downloading.


The document that was downloaded is not similar to the name on the page.

And yet, when I answer the questions truthfully, I am told I am incorrect - even though my answers are, in fact, correct.

Only when I lie will the course give me a correct answer response.

That seems unexpected, to say the least.





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    Hi Larry,

    It looks like this may be another case of the outdated URI/URL.  We will look into ways we can resolve the issue of the outdated URI/URL 



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