Module 3 Building a Catalog of Authority Documents - Part 4 What is the Published Name for the australian document

Every URI/URL in this courseware for this document point to a version no longer present.

So right off the bat, there is an issue trying to do this exercise.

I happened across a newer version of the document, so I tried followed the narration for getting the published name for the document.

In the 2017 version of the document, the first page calls the document

Australian Government
Information Security Manual

The copyright page has no title listed.

The internal document page has

Australian Government
Information Security Manual

page iv footer calls the document:


The About Information Security page - mentioned in the narration - refers to the series as

The Australian Government Information Security Manual (ISM)

The diagram shown in the section "Format of the Australian Government Information Security Manual" refers to :

Executive Companion

Information Security Principles

Information Security Controls

and under that diagram is referred to as "The Controls manual".

If earlier publications referred to it as 

Australian Government Information Security Manual: CONTROLS


no longer in the 2017 is that notation used.






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    Hi Larry,

    Thanks again, for the feedback. We will look into ways we can resolve the issue of outdated URI/URL.


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