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Practice Activity: Module 2

I was confused about what I was supposed to do with the module 2 practice activity. It says "open in a new window" and it opened the site. But if there are expectations of what we are supposed to do there, these are not clearly articulated.

Of course I cannot look at my projects, etc since I am just learning this. I had expected that perhaps there would be some practice items in place that would allow me to accept, reject, and other wise click around, but if there is supposed to be such things, I could not find them.

Another item I want to mention here is that in the early part of module 2, it tells the student they should open up the site to follow along. So it was confusing to have a second (and later third, fourth and fifth as I kept trying to click the button to see if I was missing something) window appear and no instructions on what to do with it.

Finally, the early part of module 2 mentioned my user profile, and how I could change information there. That would be great - if it actually worked. Instead, I get a read only view of my details, but I can click on some things later on, even though I don't know what they are intended to do within the software.

Just some observations from a brand new student.

Thank you

Larry Virden

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Hi Larry,

Thanks for the feedback. We apologize for the confusion you experienced. The purpose of the practice activity is just open up and explore the UCF Mapper tool students will be using later in the course for practice activities.

We will look into updating the practice activity details to mitigate confusion.

Vicki McEwen

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