Follow our Mapping Progress!

Talk about total transparency - we have been asked to create the ability for you to track each and every mapping project from start to finish. Okay, that's do-able.

What we have so far...

Here's a URL that will allow you to see all of our public mapping projects (private ones for corporations mapping their own documents or government agencies creating common controls will still be hidden):

Clicking that link will take you to our project page where you will be able to see all projects underway, or, search for each project by the name of the Authority Document.

When you click on "View Details" you'll be taken to each project's individual project page where you'll be able to see:

  • Citation Mapping tasks that show you the individual Citations we are extracting from the Authority Document for inclusion in the UCF.
  • The Citation Hierarchy so that you can see each of those Citations in their correct hierarchical and sort order.
  • Citation Tagging tasks so that you can see which verbs and nouns we are tagging.
  • New Term tasks for adding terms to the ComplianceDictionary we find in some Citations.
  • Citation Matching tasks where you can see how we leverage the Advanced Semantic hierarchy and Erdo's algorithm of separation for maching Citations to Common Controls.

All of that is available now at the URL above.

Where we should go...

What we are interested in is your take on adding the following:

Should we add percent completion charts?

In our internal instance of this web page, we have some charts that show how far along the project is. We could add a Progress tab and put those charts in there, showing a short table of Citation and Term counts, and then pie charts for showing how far along we are in Citation Tagging and Control Matching, as the really ugly diagram below shows:

Would you want weekly updates?

We also have the capability of sending out weekly updates, such as the one below:

We could send out the following once a week:

  • Documents being mapped - a listing of all of the in-progress documents being worked on
  • Documents completed - the documents that have been completed and are now added to the CommonControlsHub
  • Documents Selected - a listing of the top 50 or so most selected Authority Documents, and how many times they've been shared with groups or initiatives (but not who or which ones, as that would all be anonomized).

Comments and Questions addition?

We are also thinking of adding the ability to create a custom discussion thread for each mapping project that would begin and end with the project. We'd give you an interface to ask questions about either the project as a whole or the individual tasks.

How important is that?


Now its your turn to chime in. What do you think of this idea? Is this something you'd want to see? Check out the link (at the top) and let us know your thoughts about what's already there, and your thoughts about the addition of charts, weekly updates, and a communications thread. Post your comments here, and up/down vote this project to tell us your thoughts on it!



  • I would love a way to challenge a mapping!  Some of your mappings are incorrect and you are not reading all of the words in the controls language.


  • There should be an overview of documents currently being worked on, and a list of documents that are being planned...

    There should be the ability to up-vote new documents to get them in the hopper faster

  • These new enhancements are significant ideas which we applaud. They foster community building and we know that our banking and financial services business ecosystem of 130 corporations would love to take part.  Here are some specific ideas:

    1. Provide a requirements submission portal which CCH accounts could access.

    2. Offer some level of requirements voting (from the CCH users' perspective on an industry by industry basis).

    3. Leverage our Industry Benchmarking Concept of Communities-of-Interest (COI's) and Communities-of-Practice (COP's) to offer NAICS-segmented Industry Clusters, Special Interest Groups and Executive Think Tanks.

    3. We can host your communities on GRC Connect which is ready for you to assess. Once you have assessed we can introduce you to our banking and financial services sponsor. The CEO is excited to meet you and hear your new news!

    4. We are also interested in working with you to roll out specific industry benchmarking performance indicators that community members can use to assess "Peer Average" and "Best-In-Class" performance measurement. We can then build 4 classes of objects; KPQ's, KPI's, KRI's and KCI's.

    Best Regards,

    Phil Wilson,
    Executive Director

  • Nice portal, congratulations on the realisation. I do notice however, that it does list at least one mapping project we have started, but abandoned at the time as we had to allocate the resources elsewhere. Looking at the details there seem to be several other projects that are incomplete or have been started quite a while ago without showing much progress, thus could be in a similar state.

    I would suggest some cleanup button or reminder process in the workflow that after x time of inaction, an automated message is sent to confirm whether it is still a current project or whether it could be removed from the overview if it isn't.


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