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Frequency of UCF Updates

I may have missed it on the UCF/CCH sites, but is there an official frequency for how often UCF content is released/updated? 

I created a build in December 2017 (i.e., two months ago) and then earlier today (i.e., February 2018) some of the controls from the same authoritative source were no longer present -- apparently, replaced by new/different controls. I'm not concerned that new/different controls were published; I expect that. I'm just looking for more clarity on when / how often to expect content updates. Thanks.

John Maguire

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Hi John,

At this point in time we do not have an official frequency for updates. We publish New Authority Documents as soon as they are ready. We create and consolidate controls as part of an ongoing effort. We create new controls when we map new Authority Documents. We consolidate controls only when we see an opportunity for improvement. Any of the previous mappings, such as case you have encountered, are sufficient.

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