NIST SPs Upload/Mapping

UFC Team,

Could you please upload/map the following authoritative sources? 

National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Publications

Cybersecurity Framework - Framework for Improving Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity (2014)

NIST Special Publication (SP)

  1. NIST SP800-111 Guide to Storage Encryption Tech for End User Devices
  2. NIST SP800-115 Technical Guide to Info Sec Testing & Assessment
  3. NIST SP800-131A_r1 Recommendation for Transitioning the Use of Crypto Algorithms & Key Lengths (2015)
  4. NIST SP800-147 BIOS Protection Guidelines
  5. NIST SP800-155 BIOS Integrity Measurement Guidelines (Draft)
  6. NIST SP800-18_r1 Guide for Developing Security Plans for Fed IS
  7. NIST SP800-24_r1 Contingency Planning Guide (2010)
  8. NIST SP800-27 Security Self-Assessment Guide for IT Systems
  9. NIST SP800-37_r1 Guide for Applying the RMF to fed Info Sys
  10. NIST SP800-39 Managing Info Security Risk - Org, Mission, & IS View
  11. NIST SP800-53 r4 Security & Privacy Controls for Fed IS & Org
  12. NIST SP800-53A_r4 Assessing Security & Privacy Controls
  13. NIST SP800-57_r4 Recommendation for Key Mgt - Pt-1 - General
  14. NIST SP800-60 v_1 Guide for Mapping Types of Security Categories (2008)
  15. NIST SP800-63-2 Electronic Authentication Guideline
  16. NIST SP800-65 Integrating IT Sec into Capital Planning & Investments

NIST Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS)

  1. FIPS-186-4 Digital Signature Standard (DSS) (2013)
  2. FIPS 180-4 - Secure Hash Standard (SHS)
  3. FIPS-199 - Standards for Security Categorization (2004)
  4. FIPS-200 - Minimum Security Requirements (final - 2006)
  5. FIPS-202 SHA-3 Std - Permutation-Based Hash & Extendable-Output Functions (2015)

Thank you.



  • Do you have url's to the actual documents so that we can make sure we add the correct ones?

  • yes, and:

    NIST SP 800-137



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