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NICCS/CNSS/DoD Authoritative Sources Upload/Mapping

UCF Team,

Could you please upload/map the following authoritative sources?

National initiative for Cybersecurity Careers and Studies (NICCS) Publication

National Cybersecurity Workforce Framework v2

Committee on National Security Systems (CNSS) Publication

CNSS Instructions

CNSSI-1253_v2 -Security Categorization and Control Selection For NSS (2012)


  1. CNSSP-06 - National Policy on Certification and Accreditation of National Security Telecommunications and Information Systems October 2005
  2. CNSSP-19 - National Policy Governing the Use of High Assurance Internet Protocol Encryptor (HAIPE) Products (2007)
  3. CNSSP-21 - National Information Assurance Policy on Enterprise Architectures for National Security Systems (2007)
  4. CNSSP-22 - Information Assurance Risk Management Policy for National Security Systems (2009)
  5. CNSSP-25 - National Policy For Public Key Infrastructure in National Security Systems (2009)

Department of Defense (DoD) Publication

DoD Directives (DoDD) / DoD Instructions (DoDI)

  1. DoDI 8510.1 - Risk Management Framework (RMF) for DOD Information Technology (IT)
  2. DoDI 4000.09 - Support Agreements (2013)
  3. DoDD 5144.02 - DoD Chief Information Officer (DoD CIO) (2013)
  4. Network Services (NS/NSC) Enterprise Connection Division Defense Systems Network (DISN) Connection Process Guide (CPG) (2014)

Thank you.

Francois Le

Official comment


Do you have url's to the actual documents so that we can make sure we add the correct ones?

Aubrey Bousley

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