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Filter on on control type

Although I find the ability to see the implied controls to be very helpful, I would like the ability to filter out the implied controls from the list of controls being tracked.  The business case is that management wants to be able to see how we are progressing against the requirements specifically called out in the authoritative documents. 

The ability to visually identify mandatory vs. implied controls is nice, and shows that the underlying logic to create the filter is present in the code.  I would prefer not having to save the web page then parse through the results to separate controls based on style tags. 

It appears that implementation controls are only documented as such in the information popup windows.  Given the font, they would all be implied controls.  It would be nice to be able to filter them out as well.

Filter would provide 3 checkboxes:  Mandatory, Implied, Implementation

Jeff Sallee Answered

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We are thinking of making that capability available at the level of basic license on up.

Dorian Cougias

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