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Impoved Methods to Assign Roles

We need an easier way to assign roles besides clicking on every individual control, then selecting a role, then ensuring someone was assigned to the role.

One option should be for the administrator to be able to check the boxes without needing to be in a role that is associated with the control.

Multi-selecting for role assignments would also be a great option. 

For roles where there is only one role option anyway, why should I be required to manually select the only option?  Default when there is only one option.

Also, what if we disagree with which role should be permitted to a particular role?  There is no way to override.  I find myself selecting roles that I do not want, then noting the result so I can manually edit the documents later to reflect what I really need. 


Jeff Sallee

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Hey Jeff,

If I'm understanding you correctly, I see three suggestions here. I have a couple questions for you if you don't mind.

Suggestion 1: Allow the administrator to mark a control as "Done" even if they are not the role assigned to the Control.

I just tried this on my account (where I am administrator) and I was able to mark a control a "Done" regardless of the role assigned to the Control. Could you clarify?

Suggestion 2: Add a way to mass assign Controls to a role.

I'd be interested to hear your feedback on a user friendly way to implement this.

If we were allow you to check check boxes next to each Control in the Workspace: Tracking and then have a "Mass Edit" button to assign the role would that be sufficient?


Suggestion 3: Allow the user to override the UCF provided Roles for a Control that is not assigned 

I think suggestion 2 leads in to this. If we were to allow you to mass assign a Roles to a list of Controls, in most cases you would end up overriding the UCF provided Role for at least one Control.

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