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AICPA SOC 2 TSP Section 100 2014 Update

Hello- I'm looking for the current version of the AICPA SOC 2 Trust Services Principles (TSP) Section 100. The original version of the TSP was released in 2009 and an update was made in 2014. I see the 2009 version in the UCF under "AICPA Trust Services" but I don't see anything reflecting the updates in the 2014 version. Is there a target date for when the UCF will be updated for the 2014 version? (Or is it in there and I'm just missing it?)

Here's a link to the AICPA site with more information about the changes:


Tom Scuderi Answered

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Thanks for letting us know about the update.  We will put that update into our queue for mapping.  After it is added into the queue, then we take a look at what is there and decide what will be mapped next, so we do not have a time frame right now.

Erwin Rydell

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