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Module 3 Practice Duplicate Check - Australian Government Information Security Manual: Controls

Hi there,

I'm confused by the practice "Duplicate Check" for the ISM: Controls document. It doesn't appear to be a match because the existing document ID 1266 does not specify the "version" is 2016 (pulling it up in the CCH shows that its effective date is in 2013), and the "Practice Activity Guideline V2" PDF itself indicates that this is not a match because the existing document is an older version. When I try to select "No match" in the practice exercise, I'm informed that isn't the correct answer. Can someone explain? Thanks!

Michael Bonner

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Hi Michael,

For the Official Name Duplicate Check, we initially selected it as Matching "Australian Government Information Security Manual: Controls"

There is are two follow up steps for the duplicate check:

  1. Open the matched document with the link provided. If the URI is out of date or doesn't point to the document, you may need to use a search engine.
  2. Examine both documents, is this a duplicate?

It is the second step Examine both documents, is this a duplicate?  The we determined it is not a duplicate for two reasons:

  1. The link led us only to the landing page of the all the 2016 ISM documents, which happens often when old documents are replaced with new versions. When the link lead us to only the index, ee also checked in the CCH to see what version is mapped and discovered what you already did.
  2. The existing official name is lacking a version.

See the image below for the Official Name Duplicate Check step answer.

Vicki McEwen 1 vote
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