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Project 2342 – Task 95466

The correct answer shown is *exactly* what was put in - but that was deemed incorrect? Checked for trailing spaces and such but there weren't any...

Copied from the pdf/authority document, the website is behind a paywall.

take into account interested parties’ needs and interests, such as customers, investors, shareholders, the supply chain, public and/or community input and needs, expectations and interests (as appropriate), and



Ramsay Welborn

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We apologize for the delayed response, the issue here is curly quotes vs straight quotes.

We implemented an update to the system in June that automatically converts curly quotes to straight quotes in the citation guidance field (see release notes here). We also issued an update June 14 to the training template "Module 4: 1-2 Map Citations for "ISO 22301: Societal Security - Business Continuity Management Systems - Requirements, Corrected Version - TNG" [AD 2835] into the UCF".

Any training projects created from this template before the update on June 14th will display an error, because the correct answer contains the curly quotes and the field automatically updates curly quotes to straight quotes now.

To complete a training project from this template, you will need to create a new project using the updated template.

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