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Module 4 -> Presentation 1 -> Try it Now: Entering Citations

The example of "Electricity Subsector Cybersecurity" where the answer is "all information in security responsibilities should be defined and allocated, organization of information security, and 6.1.1. Information security roles and responsibilities" does not make sense to me. Why are higher-level organizational headings above the actual guidance being copied? I don't feel that this was covered. Why is the numeric "6.1.1" being included in front of "Information security roles and responsibilities", but "6" isn't included in front of "Organization of information security"? Why isn't "6.1 Internal Organization" included, as it is a higher-level heading above 6.1.1 also?

Additionally, there's a typo: per the AD, the word "in" does not belong in the answer "All information *in* security responsibilities should be defined and allocated."


Michael Bonner

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Hi Michael,

The high-level headings get added and then marked as Stub Citations, for document hierarchical purposes.

The 6.1.1 should not be included in the answer text. We have reported this error and the other text error you discovered.


Thank-you for alerting us to these issues!

Vicki McEwen 0 votes

Thanks for the clarification, Vicki. Making it further through the training and doing the practice made it clear that these citations were not all being included as part of the same citation, which I think was the source of the confusion. In this case, should "Internal Organization" also be included as an answer (since it's also a hierarchical stub citation)?

Michael Bonner 0 votes