Authority Document Remappings

The UCF mapping processes and technologies have matured tremendously over the last two decades. To provide you with the best possible mappings, the UCF team is re-mapping some of our popular legacy Authority Documents.
See here for all the Authority Documents we have re-mapped to date.

Recommended Transition Steps

  1. Ensure there is a Build (Excel export of Common Controls and Authority Document Citation References) with the legacy versions
  2. Add any of the listed New Authority documents to the List(s)
  3. Generate a Build
    The new Build will include the addition of new Common Controls from the New Authority Document mappings. Note the alignment of these documents. Also note where some mappings changed between the deprecated versions and current versions.
  4. Next, it is best to remove the legacy versions. Go to your List(s) and delete the legacy versions. Save your list and generate another Build.
    Some Common Controls may be removed.

Receive a Free Build Credit

If you are doing the above steps due to migrating from the legacy versions, contact our sales team at to receive a Build credit.

Alternatively, if you are using a GRC tool and an API key, you can update your List(s) and bring them over to the GRC tool. Follow the same steps as above.

If you have any questions, email support at

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