CCH Users

CCH Users

CCH Users


Short Description: The users associated with the account.

Long Description: The users associated with the account.

This element connects to the following elements:

This element is comprised of the following fields:

Field Type Description
address1 string First address line.
address2 string Second address line.
city string The city the address is located in.
country string The country the address is located in.
date_created date The date the record was created.
date_updated date The date the record was updated.
postal_code string The postal/zip code for the address.
state string The state/province for the address.
status string

This field represents the status the document is in within the UCF’s document mapping process. The status fields are (in information flow order):

• Suggested meaning the document is at an early stage in the process. Much of the needed information is still missing but UCF staff are reviewing the document to decide if it should become “recommended” (see below).

• Recommended meaning the document has been recommended for inclusion in the UCF, but not yet verified.

• Queued meaning the document has been queued to be added to the UCF soon.

• In Research meaning the document is somewhere between being recommended and us figuring out what to do with it (or even find it in English).

• In Edit meaning the document is being worked on. • Released meaning the document has been added to the UCF and should have an applicable release date.

• Not Applicable meaning the document has been verified to be a real authority document, however, the UCF mapping team have made the decision not to include the document in the UCF (for any number of reasons).

• On Hold Every so often we are sent an authority document for mapping that, during the mapping or research process, goes into change. Therefore, when that happens, we mark the authority document as being "On Hold" until we hear otherwise.

• Redacted means the record is no longer live. If the record belongs to an authority document (versus either a category record or originator record), then all the control citations within the UCF’s main tables will also be redacted. integer ID of the account record.
active_status string The status of the list. 'A' = active. 'D' = deprecated.
groups._href URL URL to get the list's groups from.
account._href URL URL to get the list's account information from.
ad_lists._href URL URL to get the list's Authority Document information from.
initiatives._href URL URL to get the list's initiative information from.
ad_lists_created._href URL URL to get the records' associated Authority Document Lists from.
agreement integer if the user has read and accepted the agreement 0 = no 1 = yes
email string Electronic Mail address.
first_name string A person's first name.
groups_created._href URL URL to retrieve the groups created by this record.
initiatives_created._href URL URL to retrieve the initiatives created by this record.
invited_by._href URL The URL to retrieve the person who invited this record to join the CCH.
job_title string A person's job title
last_login Datetime The date and time of the last login for this record.
last_name string A person's last name.
phone string A telephone number.
profile_picture algorithm A profile picture for the associated record stored in Base64 format.
reseller_access integer Boolean Value where 0 = no access, and 1 = Reseller Access
type string

If this is describing users, then the type is either a = admin , u =regular user, i = invited user.

If this is describing Authority Documents, the choices of elements within UCF_AD_Type are listed in their legal hierarchical status, as defined within the UCF_AD_Type_Type, documented below.

• Bill or Act

• Regulation or Statute

• Contractual Obligation

• Self-Regulatory Body Requirement • Audit Guideline

• Safe Harbor

• International or National Standard

• Best Practice Guideline

• Organizational Directive

• Vendor Documentation • Not Set

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