I don’t have a Starter account -- how can I purchase a subscription to the Common Controls Hub?

To purchase a subscription to the CCH, first sign up for a free Starter account, and then upgrade that free account to a paid Basic account.

  1. To create a free Common Controls Hub Starter account, go to https://commoncontrolshub.com/
  2. Click the red Sign Up button on the upper right corner of the home page.1.jpg
  3. Click the red Sign Up box in the Basic subscription box on the right.2.jpg
  4. Fill out the Create a Starter Account form. For the email field, use a corporate email address or it will be rejected by our server.3.jpg
  5. Click the Create Account button
  6. Check your email for an account verification email from the UCF Team. If it doesn’t appear in your Inbox, check your clutter, spam, or junk mail folders.
  7. Open the email and click on the Log In and Get Started Now link.
  8. Click the Buy Now button.5.jpg
  9. On the ‘Customize Your Compliance Efforts’ page, fill in your email and domain, check the box next to CCH Basic Subscription and add any other options you would like.


A Basic subscription includes:

  • 3 users
  • 5 builds 
    If you’d like more users to be able to access the account and or would like more builds, add the following to your order:
    • additional users (include the number of additional users)
    • additional custom build, (include the number of additional builds)
      You can always return to purchase more later.

Additional Options:

Check the boxes to add these additional options to your order:

  • Compliance Templates,
  • the UCF Mapper application, and/or
  • the UCF Mapper Certificate Course

API ACCESS: If you want to import UCF content into a Developer Partners’ GRC platform, add the following to your order:

  • API Access

DEVELOPERS ONLY: If you are an OEM/Third Party Developer who would like to connect the CCH to your software so your customers can import CCH information, add the following to your order:



Purchase Order (PO): if a written quote is required, click Email Quote. (Please note: Items purchased with a Purchase Order will not be available to use until payment is received.)

Credit card, check, or ACH (electronic bank-to-bank money transfer): fill out your information and click Purchase.


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