ServiceNow 2019 Entitlement Grace Period

In 2016 through 2018 of November, users of ServiceNow GRC were granted a free license to Unified Compliance Framework through the Common Controls Hub. Many customers chose to move to a paid license when the free license expired. Others did not. For those who did not, it is your responsibility to remove the UCF content. As per section 9.4 of the click-thru license that all users agreed to, you must remove the content from ServiceNow GRC if you do not have a valid license.

The process is as follows:

  • Immediately remove all Authority Documents and their Citations
  • Manually transition Policies and all associated data off the UCF Common Controls where Policy statements can be retained for a maximum period of 4 months to help facilitate an orderly transition to an alternate content source or facilitate an easier return to UCF in case you make the decision to re-instate their subscription.

The manual transition must be completed within four months of identifying UCF content. This is a grace period for the customers that received free content (entitlements) in 2018. This does not apply to customers who had a paid license. Those customers must comply with the terms of the agreement when they purchased.

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