Account Statuses

Here is a listing of all account statuses along with a description of each status.

Status  Description
deactivated This account has been moved into a holding pattern. After six months the account will be deactivated.
frozen This account was migrated from free to paid. However, the payment hadn’t come in on time and therefore the account has been placed into the frozen state until the payment is received - OR - the account is migrated back to free or deactivated.
locked  This was a Zuora to Recurly transition status. It is no longer used.
merged This account has been merged into another account.
paid This is a paid account - meaning that the user either has a Basic account or an OEM account.
paid_to_starter These accounts were previously in the paid status, and have been moved back to starter (free) status.
po-create This is a starter account that has now asked to upgrade to a paid account, but the Purchase Order approval is pending by the reseller or UCF team.
po-pending  his is a starter account that is migrating to a paid account. The Purchase Order has been approved, but payment has not yet been received.
renewed This is a paid account that has renewed at least one time
starter This is the free version of the CCH accounts.
starter_to_deactivated This is a starter account that has been moved to the deactivated stage. It is ready to be reviewed and deleted.
starter_to_paid This is the first reporting period for a starter account that has migrated to paid status. After the first reporting period, the account’s status will change to paid.
TEST_ACCOUNT This is no longer used.
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