Why is there duplicate content?

There are 2 scenarios in which UCF content may appear to be duplicated.

  1. The same Citation appears more than once
    Some citations contain more than one mandate within the text. Because mandates are mapped to Common Controls, the UCF team identifies every mandate within a citation individually. This results in a citation displaying every time a mandate is identified within the citation. So, if the citation has 3 mandates, the citation will appear 3 times for each of the identified mandates.
    This scenario is expected and normal.
  2. The same Common Control appears more than once
    Sometimes different citations in an Authority Document are mapped to the same control. This typically occurs when there is repetition within the Authority Document, or the UCF has a more general Common Control that the mandates identified within the citations map to.
    The CCH de-duplicates these Common Controls for you in the interface and the exports.

    If you are using the API, you need to use the following endpoints to de-duplicate /cch-ad-list/{list-id}/tracked-controls ; GET /cch-ad-list/{list-id}/tracked-controls/details

    See developer notes for more information:
    https://developer.unifiedcompliance.com/#!/cch/get_cch_ad_list_list_id_tracked_controls https://developer.unifiedcompliance.com/#!/cch/get_cch_ad_list_list_id_tracked_controls_details
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