How do I archive or delete a build?

Since the Common Controls Hub limits the amount of builds you get for free with your basic subscription, we didn’t think it’d be fair to have your builds disappear or get deleted from your account.

However, builds can be “archived” which hides them from the Builds tab. An archived build can be unarchived and downloaded at any time.
To archive a build, follow these steps:
  1. From your Dashboard, click the Workspace tab.

  2. Click the Builds tab.

  3. Check the circle next to the build you want to archive.

  4. Click the Archive Build link.

  5. Click the Yes button in the dialog box that appears.

  6. Once you archive a build, you can always bring it back by clicking the View Archived Builds link on the Builds screen in your Workspace.
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  • This only shows to archive a build and not delete it from your count of builds. I only have 5 builds available and I am done with 4, they are archived, but they still count against my total of 5.

  • Sandy,

    Thank you for your comment!


    When you use a build, this will always count against the "total number of builds". Archiving a build will not give you a build back to your "total number of builds".


    Archiving a build is just meant for those who no longer want to see that particular build on their build tab and allows them to hide it.


    If you would like to purchase additional builds, this FAQ can assist you further:


    If you have any additional questions please reach out to us at 


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