How do I add a client who already has a paid account to the Reseller Client Portal?

If the client you wish to add to your Reseller Portal currently has a subscription with us, they are considered to be existing users.

When you take over an account that has an active subscription, you will have the opportunity to modify that user’s subscription based on your agreement with the user.

  1. Login to the Reseller Client Portal.
  2. From the Overview Screen, check the circle next to Account Exists.

  3. Type the customer's Zuora ID in to the box. The customer can find their Zuora ID by checking out our FAQ article: How do I find my CCH Zuora ID? 

  4. Click on the Account Exists button.

  5. Confirm the contact information for your client is correct and click the Update button.

  6. Click the Company Info tab.

  7. Confirm the company information for your client is correct and click the Update button.

  8. Click the Subscription tab.

  9. Check the boxes next to the products you wish to add to your client’s subscription.

  10. When you check the box next to a product, a dialog box will appear. Click the OK button on the dialog box to confirm the addition of the product you chose.

  11. To remove products already listed on the client’s subscription, click the Remove link next to the item.

  12. After you have finished, click on the Common Controls Hub logo to return to the overview section and view the list of client accounts.

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