How do I allow a third party application to access my account via the API (OAuth2)?

NOTE:  Only account admins can add applications to your CCH account.




  1. From your Dashboard click the Settings tab.

  2. Click the Applications tab.


  3. Find the application you wish to add in the list. Click the Additional Information button.


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    George Floratos

    my application was not on the list.. what do we do then?

  • Avatar
    Laurie White

    I have the same issue as you George. We use ServiceNow. What is TCT?

  • Avatar
    George Floratos

    I would ignore that. servicenow was never in my list. i think its all controlled on that last tab.. vendor api access or something..

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    Vicki McEwen

    Hi Greorge and Laurie,

    For ServiceNow and MetricStream applications please contact their customer support so they can help you integrate their instances to the API. For all other instances please contatct our suport team and your vendor's so we can help them implement and integrate their instances.

    Thank you for using the CCH.

    ServiceNow support:
    MetricStream support:
    CCH suport:

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