What are Custom Compliance Templates?

Custom Compliance Templates are a set of Word documents that you can tailor to meet your organization’s compliance requirements. Some examples of these templates include:

  • Auditing Process Roles and Responsibilities
  • Business Continuity Plan Reporting
  • Compliance Monitoring and Auditing Metrics
  • Incident Handling Management
  • Information Security Testing and Assessment
  • Internal and External Audit Reporting
  • IT Security
  • Password Procedures
  • Red Flags Monitoring
  • Systems Implementation
  • Systems Risk Monitoring and Testing 
  • Vulnerability Management

Custom Compliance Templates are an additional product you can add to your subscription. For more information about how to add a product to your subscription, check out our FAQ article at: How do I add a product to my existing subscription? 

When you have purchased the Custom Compliance Templates upgrade, they will appear in the following folders for all of your builds:

  • Metrics Standards
  • Role Definitions
  • Monitored Events
  • Compliance Documents (cDocs)
  • Information Classification
    • Record Categories
    • Organizational Task and Record Classifications
  • Audit Guidelines
  • Research Sites

Note: Only builds generated after you have purchased the upgrade will have the Custom Compliance Templates in them.

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