Can I export my compare list?


There are 2 ways you can export your compare:

  1. export compare list
  2. build compare spreadsheet

This FAQ article covers exporting a compare list.
For information on how to build a compare spreadsheet, check out our FAQ article Can I export my compare?


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  • Compare List

To find out how to upgrade a Starter account, check out our FAQ article How do I upgrade my Starter account to a paid account? (Credit Card Payments, Purchase Orders, Checks/ACH) 

To find out how to create a compare list check out our FAQ article How do I compare Authority Document lists?

Compare List Export

Our compare list export is a MS Word HTML file that provides a quick overview of the differences and similarities between your two Authority Document lists.

This export contains a detailed list comparison of mandated and implied Common Controls, Citations, and basic Authority Document information.

Exporting a compare list does NOT use one of your builds.

Exporting your compare list

  1. Go to the Compare section of your Common Controls Hub account.
  2. In List A (left hand side), select 1 or more Lists or Authority Documents.
  3. In List B (right hand side), select 1 or more Lists or Authority Documents.

  4. Click Export Compare List.

  5. Click the Download button.
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  • 1) What is the format of the export? it seems to be HTML in a MS-Word .doc file.
    2) MS-Word format is useless for analysis -- I need an excel version with columns for the A+B controls and columns for A, B, AB, A-AB and B-AB. In my case, I'm interested in A's not in B (A-AB). E.g., which FFIEC BCP controls are not covered by ISO27001.


  • Hey Serge,

    Large delay here which I apologize for.

    1) You are correct. It is a MS Word HTML file.

    2) Thank you for your feedback. I will pass this on to our product team. In the mean time though, you can get this kind of gap analysis by creating a build with FFIEC BCP and ISO 27001 and using the Excel output to run your gap analysis.


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