How does Unified Compliance determine which documents to map?

We map documents based on our relationships with the regulators, lawyers' requests, our industry knowledge, and customer demand.

Customers can submit and vote on Authority Documents requests HERE.

Submit a new AD request or add your vote to a requested document in the list. Published Authority Documents with the most requests are prioritized in our mapping queue. 

As a reminder, there have been a few exceptions, but we typically do not map Authority Documents that are in draft. Requests for documents in-draft are tracked and our team keeps careful watch for the release of the published versions. When the published versions are released, the documents are then prioritized in our mapping queue. 

If you have a list of Authority Documents or internal documents you need mapped, our Professional Mapping Services can help you out. In this scenario, WE do all the heavy lifting! We work with your company’s team to ensure we agree on what is to be mapped and to what controls. We can map Authority Documents with your team members or do the entire mapping project for them. They can be as involved as they like—or not at all. We also work with consulting and legal teams in partnership to deliver mappings. To find out more about Unified Compliance Professional Mapping Services, contact

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