How do I search Organizational Functions?

Navigate to the Organizational Functions in search section in Research by clicking on the Orgs + Activities icon in the side bar, and clicking Organizational Functions under that.

Organizational Functions are displayed in alphabetical order before any search begins.

There are two ways to search Organizational Functions: Word or Phrase and Organizational Function ID.

Search by Word or Phrase

  1. Enter a word or phrase into the search field.
  2. Select Word or Phrase from the dropdown list option.
  3. Hit Enter or click SEARCH.

Advanced Search

Advanced Searches can be used while searching Organizational Function Name or ID to refine the search results.

Click on the Question Mark Icon QuestionMarkIcon.PNGto the right of the Advanced Search checkbox to see the list of Advanced Operators available for use.


  1. Enter a term, phrase, or ID into the search field using any of the Advanced Operators listed.
  2. Select the Advanced Search checkbox.
  3. Hit Enter or click SEARCH.
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