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Other Forms

**Note: For nouns containing multiple words modify the main noun/subject in the term.
For uncountable mass nouns enter the plural form the same as the term name and enter the plural possessive form the same way as the singular possessive form.**


A plural form of a noun.


A noun case expressing ownership.

Plural Possessive

A plural and possessive form of a noun.


Irregular Nouns

A noun is considered irregular when

  1. it is an uncountable mass noun
  2. the term or phrase ends in a plural
  3. the noun does not follow any of the regular noun pluralization rules

What is an uncountable mass noun?

Uncountable mass nouns are nouns that don't have different plural forms. The easiest way to tell is to use the term in the following sentences:

  1. "The [enter term]"
  2. "All [enter term]"

If the term does not change in either sentence then it is an uncountable mass noun.

Even though the plural and singular are the same, the UCF still maps the plural and plural possessive forms.


Noun Pluralization Rules

nouns that end in...
Example 1
Example 2
Example 3
ch, sh, s, x, or z  where es  is added to the end church - churches tax - taxes pass -passes
vowel and y where s is added to the end toy - toys boy - boys employ - employs
consonant and where y becomes ies baby - babies country - countries spy - spies
f or fe   where the f or fe becomes ves elf - elves loaf - loaves thief - thieves
 where  s is added to the end kangaroo - kangaroos piano - pianos video - videos
consonant and o  where es hero - heroes potato - potatoes volcano - volcanoes
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