What do I do if didn’t receive the verification e-mail?

If you didn’t get the verification e-mail first check your spam or junk e-mail box to see if it’s there.

If the e-mail isn’t in either of those folders and you’re using a company e-mail verify with the IT department that support@commoncontrolshub.com isn’t blocked.

If the e-mail was blocked and the department unblocked it you can go back to cch.commoncontrolshub.com and click on Create Account. Enter your information in again and the system will let you resend the verification e-mail.

If the e-mail was blocked and the department can’t unblock it you can sign up with a personal e-mail, verify the account and then in Settings change the e-mail to your work one.

If you’re still having trouble with setting up your account you can contact Support at support@commoncontrolshub.com.



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