Getting Started with Examples

In this section, there are some quick step-by-step examples to help you understand how to use the CCH API.
For all of these examples, we will be using the command line tool curl to make requests.
If you are on a Mac or other *NIX based system, all you need to do is copy and paste the examples and replace the token with your own.
Our Try it out! page can be used to get Access Tokens all you need to do is:

  1. Click the Off toggle under the my-account endpoint
  2. Check the read checkbox
  3. When prompted by the CCH, authorize our application
  4. Expand the my-account endpoint, and click the Try it out! button
  5. Copy the Access Token from the CURL request generated.

***Note: Access Tokens expire an hour after they are issued.
If you attempt to use an expired token you will get the response "The access token provided is invalid."
For the purposes of our examples, just refresh the "Try it now" page to get an updated token.

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