CCH API Conventions

***Note: All UCF elements available are derived from the Authority Documents added to the lists shared by users of the account associated with the OAuth2 bearer token. To see UCF elements, the logged-in user must have created at least one shared list with one Authority Document. The Authority Documents and other UCF elements referred to in the shared lists will then be available through the API.***

To get information about UCF elements from the API:

  1. Retrieve /cch-ad-list/paged (see the /{entity}/paged endpoint below) or /my-account. Both of those endpoints will have Authority Document list information and IDs. Once you have the Authority Document list IDs you'd like to use you can:
  2. Either:
    1. Get basic Authority Document information (no nested elements) and their corresponding IDs for a particular Authority Document list by using the /cch-ad-list/{id}/authority-documents endpoint and plugging in the Authority Document list ID.
    2. Or call /cch-ad-lists-to-authority-documents/paged to get a list of all Authority Document IDs available in all lists shared by users of the account (see the /{entity}/paged endpoint below). 
  3. Once you have the Authority Document IDs, you can then make calls to /authority-document/{id}/details to get detailed Authority Document information including the Authority Document's nested elements.
  4. To get further detailed information (including nested elements) about an Authority Document, Control, Audit Item, Monitored Event, or Asset, you can make further calls to the respective endpoints below providing the ID of the UCF element you want to retrieve.

Each of these endpoints will contain the proper nested related elements such as citations, record examples, etc.


Below are the base endpoints for the UCF API. All request and response data is JSON, except most query string parameters which are just plain text.

The API endpoint is:

The sandbox API endpoint that can be used for testing is:


All API requests should provide a Host header as such:


Or for the sandbox:


All API requests that send data in the body as JSON should include the JSON Content-type header:

Content-Type: application/json
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