Select the definition type for the new definition.

Every dictionary lists the designation type for each definition


The UCF has developed additional definition types specific to auditing and compliance.

By tagging the definition as a record example instead of simply as a noun, we are extending the definition so the term can be recognized as a named entity.

Named entities allow the Mapper to work with our Natural Language Processing engine that performs entity identificationentity chunking and entity extraction routines. By classifying terms as named entities, the named portion restricts the model to those entities for which the designator can stand for the term.

For a full listing of Definition Types check out our FAQ article Term Designators and Element Types.

Tips & Tricks

Noun and verb should be the last resort definition type used. 

Ask the following questions:
Can I.... 

  1. examine this?
  2. interview this?
  3. observe this?
  4. test this?

If you answered yes to any of these questions the term is a UCF element.
If you answered no to all of these questions the term is either a noun or a verb.

Below is a table of the elements that correspond to each question.

Question Element

Record Category

Record Example
Data Contents

Asset (physical)

Interview Role

Organizational Task

 Triggering Event
Test Asset
Configurable Item

Configuration Setting


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